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Becoming proficient with Connection tools in Microsoft Visio 2016

Connecting the shapes in organization charts and workflow diagrams

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For 23 years, I have trained hundreds of students in Visio and OneNote, which are 2 of my favorite programs to work within. I have found over the years some students mainly have questions about performing faster and or quicker in each program. Let me begin with Visio and a quick tip to assist with connecting the shapes in organization charts and workflow diagrams.

When VLookup doesn’t cut: Try Index/Match

The Index Function is a function that finds a value in a dataset, but it doesn’t care about Unique Identifiers.

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If you know the row, it’s a go. If you know the Column, no problem. The Match Function finds Rows and Finds Columns. So, when their powers combine…we find values. Remember the VLookup is a function within Excel that finds a value in a Dataset by looking at a Unique Identifier and then finding the appropriate value in adjacent columns to the right.


Watch Excel magic happen with the Flash Fill Data Separation Tool

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Flash Fill is a data separation tool that has been packaged with every version of Excel since 2013!  However, it is often overlooked and underutilized.

Power BI - Ways to Drill Down Into Your Data

Power BI has become an integral part of a lot of companies trying to find out not only what their information says, but what it means, especially in relation to predicting what comes next.

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Let’s face it: these days, people need to get their information quickly, and they need to have it summarized so that people can easily read and interpret it. Charts allow users to summarize data very quickly and efficiently. And Power BI does a fantastic job of giving users plenty of options to organize your data.

Password exploitation is a constant threat to a business' bottom line, so how are you prioritizing IT security positions to get ahead of it?

Password Exploitation: 83% of Americans Are at Risk

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This blog outlines tips to protect your data and how cybersecurity training with New Horizons can help fill the skills gap when it comes to IT security.

CLD Corner: Developing a Better Online Presence

Virtual Remote Environments: Tips, Tricks & Signals

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With the recent transitions in shifting to a more virtual work environment, it is imperative to show that you have as strong of an online presence as you do a face-to-face presence. All too often, we run into issues with our “home office setup,” and we need to better understand what signals we are providing the people we are conversing with. 

Popular Microsoft Office Shortcuts

Here are some great tips from Marty Shepard! Lists and more lists!

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Hello! My name is Marty Shepard from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Nebraska. I have been an Applications Instructor with New Horizons now for almost 19 years. (Time flies when you’re having fun!) Although my favorite classes to teach are Microsoft Access and Excel, Crystal Reports and beginning SQL Querying Fundamental classes, I have taught many classes in the other Microsoft Office Suite.


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